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Preparing My House for the Market


As a Realtor, I'm finding myself in a precarious position.  I need to sell my own home soon and take heed to my own advice!  Yikes!  

It is my job everyday to counsel homeowners about what they need to do to prepare their house for today's market.  There are so many choices for buyers, and you must do all you can to make yours rise to the top of the list.  Price is certainly a key factor, but the condition and presentation of the home itself is critical! 

The Big 3 things that most often applies to everyone and are the best bang for your buck are:

1.  Clean, clean, clean!  Not only does everything need to sparkle, but you really need to remove clutter & simplify your decor. 
2.  Paint the walls!  Much like the clean aspect, a fresh coat of paint makes your home move-in ready and feels well maintained.  If possible, change out bold colors for neutrals that don't distract a buyer from seeing the whole room - neutral is safe and comfortable (and this doesn't mean white!). 
3.  Flooring needs to be in good condition.  Clean the carpets, refinish badly marred wood, or even replace floors that are beyond help. 

So, I begin the task to first declutter so that I can do some painting.  My office is so packed with stuff that it's pretty overwhelming!  Does HGTV have Office Crashers?  If not, they need to start that show!  I'd love to meet up with them at my local Staples and let them organize my office space! 

Next, the painting begins, including the repair of nail holes and other blemishes.  Once that's complete, the carpet must be replaced - I have animals and it's pretty bad.  I also see a big garage sale in my future!

I'm going in, so send help if you don't see me in a few weeks! 

Wishing you Godspeed on your own projects! 

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